Class Descriptions

Here at Release Yoga, we are proud to offer a rich diversity of yoga offerings. Whether you are coming in for your very first downward dog, are seeking an advanced, powerful practice, or maybe just desire complete restoration, we have a class style to meet your needs!  

Cool Beginners

  • Our Cool Beginners class is the perfect way to start your yoga journey and to build up your asana practice! This gentle introductory yoga class will help you gain a fundamental awareness of your breath and body alignment while moving a slower speed. This class is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and body types. No experience is necessary!
  • Temperate: 74°-76°

Warm Beginners

  • Similar to our Cool Beginners class, this class is designed for new yogis. Our Warm Beginners class offers all the same benefits of our Cool class with the addition of some sweet gentle heat to help you ease into your postures.
  • Temperate: 78°-82°

Warm Flow

  • Vinyasa, commonly referred to as a "flow" style, is a flowing, dynamic yoga practice that connects movement with breath. This moderately paced practice seamlessly blends one pose into another to create heat in the body, build strength, improve balance, and increase flexibility. While this class is appropriate for all levels of practitioners, some experience is suggested. Expect to leave revitalized!
  • Temperate: 78°-82° 

Hot Power

  • Bring on the heat! Aimed at testing the strength and endurance of both mind and body, our Hot Power yoga classes contain powerful sequencing, more advanced poses (modifications offered), and always the invitation to come find your edge. You will leave this class empowered and alive (and not to mention, a little sweaty)!
  • Temperate: 90°

Soul Power

  • Strong, Sweaty, Soulful! This class is for intermediate to advanced yogis who want to enrich their physical practice with a deeper spiritual connection. This powerful offering features more traditional yoga music, places an emphasis on expanding your yoga practice beyond asana, and infuses a touch more yogic wisdom (and even a few OMs!).
  • Temperate: 90°

Core Power

  • A strong core can alleviate back pain, improve balance & posture, and is essential for expanding your yoga practice. This class is designed to bring awareness to and strengthen the core muscles, flowing through a sweat-inducing series of poses to activate the abs. You'll be coming back to your mat stronger than before!
  • Temperate: 90°

Candlelight Restorative

  • Lit by candles, Our Restorative Yoga is a practice of stillness and ease. We'll use blocks, bolsters, blankets to relax deeply into restorative yoga postures. This style of yoga is an ideal complement to its more fiery counterpart: Power Yoga. Relieve stress, melt away tension, and calm your nervous system with this deeply healing practice.
  • Temperate: 78°-82°

Buti Yoga

  • Buti a dynamic asana practice infused with primal movement, tribal dance, and deep core engagement. Join our Buti Certified Instructors Andrea Carlisle and Elyse Morckel and get ready to dig deep, sweat with intention, and fall in love with this powerful workout. This class is for all levels, but some yoga experience is suggested.
  • Temperature: 73°-76°

Yoga Wheel

  • Learn and explore the many benefits of the yoga wheel in this flow style class. We’ll utilize the wheel to safely backbend, increase flexibility, and deepen your practice. Five wheels are available to rent or purchase/bring your own!
  • Temperature: 73°-76°

Bollywood Dance

  • Dance your heart out! Bollywood is a hybrid of Indian Classical Dance, Bhangra, and contemporary movement like hip hop, jazz, Latin and belly dance. Join professional dancer Elianae Stone and be inspired by the high energy music from Indian films as you learn technique and choreography that incorporate fun, full body movement. No previous dance experience is required.
  • Temperature: 73°-76°