The CommUnity Garden

We are thrilled to share with you that a non-profit community garden is coming to our area! The CommUnity Garden has kicked off its fundraising efforts! Learn how to become involved or join our fundraising efforts below!

About The CommUnity Garden

The CommUnity Garden is a non-profit organization that will provide space for local residents to grow fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers for themselves and for others. It will serve as a place where all can appreciate the beauty, form and colors of nature.

Gardening is known a therapeutic activity and has the many of the same benefits of meditation. Studies show that gardening promotes physical and mental health through relaxation. By creating this space where we can reconnect with nature, we can provide another means to nourish our mind, body and spirit. 

With a team of passionate volunteers, we will be transforming a 1,000 square foot area that is currently an overgrown hillside on the Release Yoga property. Wildflowers, pollination bees, composting areas and meditation spaces will be key features. Our vision is that the garden will encourage local residents of all ages to engage with fellow gardeners, learn new skills, and share a love of nature.

How You Can Help Our Garden GROW!

Our goal is raise $20,000 to begin construction by April 18th so we are able to have a fully functioning garden by the end of spring. The money will be used to for site excavation, construction of fourteen garden spaces and a retaining wall, as well as the purchase of foundational plantings and gardening supplies. Here are the ways that YOU can help out!

1.) Donate what you can online (any amount helps!) on our official GoFundMe Fundraising Page!

2.) Participate in our In-studio fundraising activity by purchasing a $10 Flower, $20 Bird or $30 Bee at the front desk to be displayed on our CommUnity Garden fundraising board. 

3.) Donate a gently-used gardening tool or building supplies from our supply list (view our most needed gardening tools and supplies below).

4.) SHARE the GoFundMe Fundraising Page on social media and encourage your friends to donate to our project.

5.) Participate in our big Yard Sale & Silent Auction Fundraising Weekend on April 16th and April 17th! All classes this weekend will be donation-based (minimum $5 donation per class). Here's how you can help support this fundraising weekend:
     • Donate a silent auction item or service.
     • Drop off gently-used items to be a part of our yard sale.
     • Bring yourself and your friends to the Yard Sale, Silent Auction and Donation Yoga that weekend! 

6.) Purchase a cup of tea at the studio. All "ChariTea" proceeds go straight to the garden pot!