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Alisha Leytem, a Certified Wellness Coach and founder of Alisha’s Appetite, LLC, is on a passionate mission to help people to take charge of their health and happiness through extreme self-care, healthy recipes, yoga, and learning to live and love with intention!
Wonder when you’ll EVER know what you want in your life?

When you’ll stop going through the motions of the parties that you don’t really want to be at but still are there, drowning in reality T.V, find the “perfect” job, figure out how people *like* to eat healthy and free yourself from constant anxiety and stress?  When you’ll stop trying so hard to be who you think you *should* be, when you find that someone….ANYONE to show you the next step in your life?

Meet Alisha Leytem

I see you. I hear you. Because I was you.

But today, I am free from anxiety and fearfulness of life.  I choose joy and love. I believe I am worthy enough.  And believe me girlfriend, you are so worthy.  You are so unbelievably worthy and enough it’s beaming all around you but you can’t see it. Living your dream life is possible.  Let me show you how to see it.

I’m a transformational wellness coach, yoga teacher, meditation guide, author, speaker, Reiki practitioner and CEO of Alisha's Appetite for Wellness. And I'm on a mission to help beautiful women just like you become the Zen Babe that you’re searching for and finally create the life of your dreams with inner peace, ultimate health and irresistible happiness. Loving yourself is so buddha-ful.  

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Feel called to go bigger in your life NOW? Through my 21 day intensive mentorship program, I guide you into going deep into yourself to begin creating habits, rituals and changes in your mind, body and spirit to start living the life that you deserve.  You'll learn the exact tools and strategies that I used to go bigger in my own life (and how you can, too!). 

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About Alisha:

Alisha Leytem is a coach, yoga teacher, author, speaker, founder and CEO of Alisha's Appetite for Wellness. She is on a passionate mission to help women find inner peace, ultimate health and passionate happiness by teaching, coaching and inspiring women how to love themselves. Through her 1:1 coaching programs, workshops, yoga classes, meditations, writings, videos and more, she teaches women struggling with stress, anxiety and low self-worth how to transform their negative and self-limiting beliefs about themselves and how do the "inner-work" so they can truly live a life of inner-peace, ultimate health and passionate happiness. Alisha deeply believes that when you take care of yourself and honor your needs, you can recover the joy that is missing in your life. Join the tribe and take the free 7 Day Challenge to Manage your Stress and Cultivate a Calm Mind.