You asked for it!

You recently told us that you wanted more opportunities to grow your yoga practice and with this in mind, we are thrilled to offer a new style of yoga at Release: Rocket Yoga.  Rocket Yoga is an energizing and challenging asana sequence that invigorates and strengthens the body. 

Starting Saturday, August 16th we will begin offering "Rocket" classes at Release. Rocket is an artful, beautiful and challenging yoga practice that is based on the rich tradition of Ashtanga Yoga. It incorporates everything that you love about your current flow or power practice while offering additional arm balances, inversions and transitional poses. We plan to honor the ancient practice of yoga by featuring traditional yoga music in all of our Rocket classes.

Rocket is not only new to Release, it is new to Northeast Ohio! We are honored to have partnered with renowned master teachers to bring this offering to you. 

What is Rocket Yoga?

Rocket Yoga, also known as “The Rocket” is an energizing series of flowing postures based on the traditional sequences of Ashtanga Yoga and was founded in the 1980s by Larry Shultz. This progressive practice was designed for Western yogis out of the greatly respected Eastern Ashtanga Yoga practice. Rocket Yoga is characterized by its offering of advanced postures such as inversions and arm balances along with fun transitions and deep stretching to help you achieve greater flexibility in your poses. 



Why is it Called Rocket Yoga?

Rocket Yoga, as the name indicates, is a vehicle that “gets you there faster.” As as Dani Burlison of the North Bay Bohemian says; "Rocket yoga promises to get students to fitness nirvana faster." The specific sequencing of Rocket Yoga is designed to challenge your body and quickly bring you to your personal edge. 


The Art of Modification

The characteristic we admire most about the Rocket Yoga System is the availability of modifications, which brings the energy of both advanced practicioners and beginner yogis into the same room. The practice of Rocket Yoga is all about listening to your body and encourages all skill levels of students to participate by making room for personal interpretation of poses.

"Quiet your inner critic, wake up your inner teacher."

- Larry Schultz, Founder of Rocket Yoga